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  Electronics & Electro-mechanical Engineering, Design & Fabrication

Design & Engineering Capabilities Pegasus Technologies: Automotive Engineering


- Concept design
- Funcional and thermal simulation
- Embedded design
- Software development
- CAD hardware design
- Pcb layout
- Enclosure design and fabrication
- Pcb and complete product assembly
- Test & test equipment design
- Retro-engineering
- Integration


- motor design and fabrication specialty
- generator design and fabrication specialty
- machine concept design
- gear mechanism design and simulation


- CAD design
- FEA and mechanical simulation
- Mechanical Assembly
- Precision TIG welded assembly

Pegasus Technologies is a Belgian company specialized in the Design, Development and Fabrication of embedded electronics and electro-mechanical systems, serving the Automotive and Racing industries.

Whatever your design requirements are, our team of experienced engineers can design it from idea to final product!
- engine & transmission control for on-road and off-road vehicles, ranging from high performance cars to construction and security vehicles

- vehicle hybrid drive and propulsion systems for heavy duty and high performance applications

- digital power distribution based on intelligent computerized technology

- data acquisition & telemetry for racing and automotive industry applications

- navigation & tracking for fleet management, security and off-road vehicles

- active suspension systems for both mass market and racing cars

- entertainment vetronics for luxury markets and armored specialty cars

Our Research & Development programs in Automotive Racing is key in building our knowledge base and next generation technology products.

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