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  Electronics & Electro-mechanical Engineering, Design & Fabrication

Design & Engineering Capabilities Pegasus Technologies: Military & Security Engineering


- concept design
- funcional and thermal simulation
- embedded design
- software development
- CAD hardware design
- pcb layout
- enclosure design and fabrication
- pcb and complete product assembly
- test & test equipment design
- retro-engineering
- integration


- motor design and fabrication specialty
- generator design and fabrication specialty
- machine concept design
- gear mechanism design and simulation


- CAD design
- FEA and mechanical simulation
- Mechanical Assembly
- Precision TIG welded assembly

Pegasus Technologies is a Belgian company specialized in the Design, Development and Fabrication of military electronics and electro-mechanical systems mounted on military vehicles and weapon systems mounted on them.

From embedded electronics for weapon control, sighting and weapon stabilized systems, our team of experienced engineers can help you design the perfect product for your applications!
- engine & transmission control for wheeled vehicles and tanks

- vehicle hybrid drive and propulsion systems for wheeled and tracked vehicles

- digital power distribution based on intelligent computerized technology

- data acquisition & telemetry

- navigation & tracking systems

- active suspension systems

- dashboard, monitoring and power management systems

Our Research & Development programs in Military Programs is key in building our knowledge base and next generation technology products.

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